HKU Sandy Bay RFC

HKU Sandy Bay RFC

HKU Sandy Bay RFC Strategic Plan
2018-2022, HKU Sandy Bay RFC

Prior to 2018, HKU Sandy Bay Rugby Football Club has expanded the club from a Youth and Mini-Rugby Club to a full club to include senior rugby, both men’s and women’s, including representation in the Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) Premiership. The newly expanded Sandy Bay is now a full 3-vote member of the HKRU. To plan for the ongoing management and growth of the club, MSB Concepts has been commissioned to develop a Strategic Plan, incorporating strategic objectives for internal as well as external parties.

The Challenge

The club has a number of sub-committees and members. With each giving thought as to what they believed Sandy Bay should be striving to achieve, MSB Concepts served as the main consultant and advisor to help strive to achieve a consensus, accepting that other stakeholders prioritise the objectives differently.

The Solution

Throughout the period of strategies development, MSB Concepts has arranged group meetings and invidual meetings with committee members to ensure all opinions were received and recorded prefessionally with clear achievable targets and key performance indicators.

The Output

After 3 months of development, MSB Concepts has created both an internal strategic guide and an external communication document for the club to incorporate strategies
and a new mission statement, to engage the club committee members and elicit strategic goals and views.